Hello Life

Today, my co-worker said, "Are you overwhelmed with this new client?"

"Kinda," I replied while i was drinking a glass of water and staring to a blank space in front of me. I was trying to be sane after driving a long way to do things. I was trying to catch up with all my duties appropriately. "Why should I do these things by myself?" is the only question that i'm trying to answer. 

Lots of things are queuing in my head while i'm still confused about how many lockets i should open. Things are getting more and more complicated day by day, but I just ignored it. My brain works like a Zombie. All the machines are on in my head, but they produce nothing. It feels like i'm running, but actually not. 

This evening, I drove home. I hit the wall. I realized it after seconds. Don't ask me why i hit the wall because i'm as clueless as you are. I'm as clueless about it as i'm clueless about life. At least now I know that there are many things queuing in front of me and they've had a quarrel as well. 

Thank you wall for taking me back to reality. 

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