it's not interesting

this is what i did this week :

monday : went to school, went to hospital to get an allergic testing, went to 'bimbel' and stayed there less than an hour,went home.

tuesday : woke up at 8am becase i was way too tired and thought that school wasn't that important, but finally i went to school because ika wanted me to give her my sociology book. went to 'bimbel'. went to amplaz and i was watching Modus Anomali and it was quite cool.

wednesday : went to school, i was late, as usual. brunch at canteen and deka was there. went to bimbel. went to 'phototalk' made 'pas photo' for SNMPTN enrollment. went to math course. went to bed early.

thursday : it was holiday. my uncle came to my home to introduce his fiancee. had brunch at Muntilan (really, my dad drove us to muntilan just for a late breakfast). bought fishes at a fish market near Muntilan. Indonesian course. went to my cousin home,sleepover.

friday : went home. went to 'bimbel'. went to my grandmother home. read newspaper at my grandmother home for hours. went home.

saturday : went to tryout.went home. made jelly. studied. and now,i'm a zombie.

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